I am Roshan Parmar. I am SharePoint , Bot developer and a blogger from India.

If you love to add value to your website by having SharePoint and Chat Bot in place, then you are at nice place. I will guide you through various blog spots on adding values to your website. I will also share my thoughts on various topics on technology, social media, social awareness, marketing and many more.

Hi ! I’m a developer by day, aspiring blogger by night, and this is my website. I live in India with my loved ones. I am working as Professional SharePoint and Bot developer by day. My area of interest is Artificial Intelligence and to build apps that can change the world with AI techniques.

I am keen to spread knowledge about many things like technology, trending things, social awareness and many more. I will keep posting the blog spots on various articles. If you are a blogger and want to contribute more in spreading knowledge in the world then YOU ARE MOST WELCOME! You can visit write for me section for more infomration.

Happy Blogging !


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